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News apps usually make you choose vague categories you are interested in, not specific interests. You don't care about "Auto", you care about Tesla, so we will give you news about Tesla. You don't care about "Finances", you care about Facebook Stocks, so we will give you news about Facebook Stocks. Cut the crap you don't care about.

Discuss with other people

Often the discussion that comes after is the most valuable part of the news. Leave your opinion on a topic and discuss it with other people. Vote on news and comments to let other people know you agree with them.

Organize your interests in groups

You don't want to read about Brad Pitt's favorite toothpaste and Bitcoin's next surge at the same time (at least we don't, no judgement). Separate those interests in different groups and give them a name so you can read about them at different times at your own pace. Choose your favorite one to read first for next time.

Friendly Interface

We may not have a mobile app (yet), but we have strived to optimize our User Interface to be convenient on both mobile and desktop. We hate browsing janky websites on mobile as much as you do, so we have done our best to make the website not annoying to use.

Work In Progress

We are still working on improving and developing new features, so you may encounter a bug or two. We appreciate all feedback (yes, even negative), so if there is something you don't like or you feel like something is missing, don't hesitate to drop us a line!

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